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I used to be the newbie who was OBSESSED with the number of subscribers I had, the number of followers I got, how many views on my videos...but then I got hit with the truthbomb that quantity doesn't matter!!Do you resonate?

There is a difference in teaching and selling your service with conviction. But first, are you confident that the audience you're speaking too is the ideal fit for what you would love to sell?

In today's session, we're gonna highlight how to validate your audience in 3 simple steps in order to maximize your time and increase your conversion rate for your program, product, course, package, done for you service. etc...

Watch today's live replay on how to validate the right metrics so that you're not wasting your energy with your marketing efforts

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Not sure where to begin with growing your business? Don’t have a solid plan or map to take you from idea to execution? Do you feel like you’re not ready to launch your business to the next level and fear you might never get there? Would you believe me if I told you that you are ready RIGHT now? I will share the EXACT Business Launch Plan I used to launch and grow my business! Use it to get clear on your goals, program, and growth plan!

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