How To Use Squarespace To Build Your List & Deliver Your Lead Magnet

HOW TO USE SQUARESPACE TO BUILD YOUR LIST & DELIVER YOUR LEAD MAGNET #leadmagnet #seo #digitalmarketing #listbuilding

So I received a request via Instagram the other on how I deliver my lead magent to my subscribers on squarespace. Now whilst I no longer use this method, since I now use Active Campaign to host and deliver all my content optins, when I first started as a coach I maximised my squarespace site to the CAPITAL T!

If you’re brand new, strapped for cash and want an all access pass to building your email life and delivering your lead magnet in one go, here’s a short cut. p.s. I suggest that whilst going through the tutorial, pause and try the steps in order to actually test run it! Note tha tyou can use this proces both on a landing cover page, blog post or main page.

There are two important codes I used in this tutorial to share a snazzy trick with you, so if if you do decide to try that route, here are they

To redirect your subcriber to your THANK YOU PAGE - <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=http://yourthankyoupageurl" />

To hide your thank you page from being crawled “a.k.a seen” by the search engines - <meta name="robots" content="noindex">

Don’t worry you will be directed in the tutorial where to place each code.Ok. Let’s dive in!

How To Use Squarespace To Build Your List & Deliver Your Lead Magnet


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