"Paris Is Always A Good Idea" - Audrey Hepburn


When you realise that you're solely responsible for your own happiness, the relationships you entertain will become more fulfilling.And it begins with you + YOU! You're INVITED~To The Paris Escape Retreat. Renewing your and your love affair with yourself in my favourite city in spring 2018.


"We are the curators of our one and only life & whatever we wish for, we can achieve!"

In 2013, I started my self-transformation journey. From broken, depressed, lost at sea 'felt like it" with no compass to my destination of well being, I ended my blossoming in PARIS in the year 2015.It felt LIBERATING & I was in emotional AWW.."I could do what I wanted, feel how I wanted, eat how I wanted and act how I wanted"

how was it possible that I’d miss so much on life? so much on ME?

Since then, life will never be the same!!
Paris felt like the home in my heart where I yearned to be.Paris felt like peace.
Paris felt like beauty.
Paris was my dreams & my soul magically merging.

There is a way to have your life flow back into a place that feels not only really good, but liberating. And my mission is to support you on that journey. My self-transformation completed after 2 years of building confidence, indulging in mindset shifting, emotional and physically cleansing me and my womanhood, and then. falling in love with myself and my life all over again IN PARIS! And I would love to extend to you the opportunity to share that experience in 2018.

5 nights in the city of love & lights is EXACTLY what you need!

This Is The Paris Escape


The Champagne Lux Getaway To Creating A Coveted Love Affair With Yourself Includes

❣ Luxury Stay In A Beautiful Paris Perfect Apartment Rental
❣Welcome & Closing Champagne Dinner
❣ The French Cooking Experience
❣ Wine Appreciation Class
❣ Create Your Signature Scent Perfume Workshop
❣ Night Excursion On The River Seine
❣ Intimate Circle Coaching In The Beautiful Jardin Luxembourg
❣ Teatime At Angelina Paris
❣ Group Photoshoot With A Parisian Photographer
❣Two 2 Hour Prep Group Calls Before The Trip
❣ One 90 Private Minute Follow Up Intensive Upon Returning 

First Class Exclusivity At It's Best,

Because Why Not You?

This isn't a retreat. This is a sisterhood. A mastermind of women who are unapologetically ready to give themselves the permission to live a luxuriously high styled life!

In Everything I've Done In The Past 3 Years, I've Done It In Style, In Confidence And With My Well Being As The Driving Force Behind It... & Above All I Do It With Fun! So Can You Picture Yourself Claiming Your Desires In The City Of Love & Lights As Your Renew Your Energy, Your Goals, Your Courage, Your Confidence, Your Life? Yes? Really Tell Me How Does That Sound?
This experience will help you become more emotionally balanced,increase your well-being and become more intuned with who you truly want to become. Living a secret life of internal pain just isn't luxurious anymore. And now it's time to create a life that is really representative of YOU! To reenergise yourself & your well-being aas you have fun doing it. 
Have you ever felt "I'm not good enough for this, I'm not the type of girl who goes to Paris, I'm not the type of girl who lives this way, I'm not the type of girl who gets to sleep in a beautiful Haussmann apartment, I'm not the type the girl who gets to say yes to her dreams...
Paris Escape.jpg

photo credits-www.parisperfect.com

 The Paris Escape Experience - US$4,500

The Paris Escape Is NOT Just A Luxurious Getaway! It's An A Self Discovery Journey Away From The Norm. A Chance To Give YOU That Permission To Claim Your Desires & Goals. A Change To Become
 A Renewed Woman Who Is

Waking up every day filled with enthusiasm.
Making decisions with CONFIDENCE instead of guilt
Loving HERSELF to the fullest without feeling weird
Engaging in activities that fulfills HER soul
Creating abundance on HER own terms
Being fully invested in your professional & personal life

this is a high level intimate escape

Paris Retreats for women 2018

The 6 day transformative outlook? A more refined woman who has...

More confidence to step into her full potential as she embrace her innate desires without guilt or apology.

A woman who knows that she is the source of her own happiness and that her values, needs and high quality lifestyle are nothing to be ashamed of.

A woman who is filled with vibrant energy and excited to embrace life & all it's offerings as she continues her path as mother, business woman, career lady, and human being. 

The Paris Escape is for the woman who is committed to curating her high styled quality life "in the city of lights".

"Luxury- to be able to have control of one's life, health and the pursuIt of happiness, in a way that is joyful" André Leon Talley

The Paris Escape Is Your Courageous Ticket To A Holistic Luxurious Life 

The Paris Escape is For

The woman who desires to give herself that experience of what it means to truly live for HER! That includes, coaches, mompreneurs, girlbosses, corporate women. If you're deflated, and need an escape to rejuvenate your mindset, reset your life, revamp your well-being and you've been dreaming of visiting the city of love & lights, here's your ticket. Say yes to your desires...


  • All days begin with breakfast prepared with the freshest french farmers ingredients and brunch at a signature resto in the Saint Germain des Pres Arr.
  • Off times are factored into the spaces outside of the scheduled so that you can enjoy the city of love and all it's richness whilst you're there..
  • Prices includes transportation to/from airport and around the city,accomodation, and group coaching for the outlined experience & a private intensive upon returnning. Prices does not include airfare & travel insurance to/from Paris!

what's not included

The Paris Escape does NOT include:

  • Airfare to and from your home country "Average Airfair from the Caribbean 
  • Travel/Medical insurance for the duration of your time within the European Union "find out more on the requirements here"
  • Visa processing for entry and stay in the European Union "find out the requirements for your country here"
  • Spending money to your places of exploration during your excursion/off times 
  • Meals outside of the escape agenda. Average cost of a meal in Paris is 25-30 Euros

Paris women retreat.jpg

It Was Audrey H. Who Said That Paris Is Always A Good Idea Afterall.
Don't You Agree?