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The truth is - I NEVER dreamed of creating a business! I just wanted to have fun, travel, take lots of style photos for my blog, make a few dollars and get my life on track ONCE AND FOR ALL.. AND THEN THIS HAPPENED ~ I BECAME AN ACCIDENTAL LIFESTYLE & MINDSET COACH
— Menellia

Global women started asking for my support in getting clarity on their goals & how to actually make it happen! So I became a Lifestyle Success Coach! But getting off the ground for the first year was the part EVERYONE made look EASY! Overwhelm alert! I spend way too many hours trying to figure out my pricing, package, fancy-ing up my website, and didn’t have any money “apart from my 9-5 salary” to support my growth! So I started studying “what the BEST in the market was DOING! And I’m not talking about the outside image, but how they sustained it and how they got so much time to send me thousands of emails everyday - which I read! So I turned to practicing passion, transforming my mindset, re-framing my definition of my success,and systems that would allow me more productivity “since I spend 8 hrs at my 9-5 as a Sales Supervisor & now Advertising & Promotions coordinator”, and p.s my body needed sleep!

The results 1 year later - more bliss, more balance, more ease AND A streamlined business model & system that gives me real freedom, real results, and allows me to work with a COMMITTED women WHILST LIVING MY LIFE! And I’m now taking a new direction to support other new coaches in developing their businesses from just an idea to income, freedom & impact!

So Here’s What Makes Me NOT Your Regular Business Coach & WHY Working With Me Might Be The Perfect Match For You!

  • You have no idea what it is that you want when it comes to life and you need clarity and definition around that.

  • You want to dig deep into audience research and targeting, get clarity & your develop your signature brand essence & message

  • You need help developing & designing a value ladder for your business a.k.a a profitable product suite that serves everyone on your list/in your community who ARE your soul client. That could include creating your course, setting it up on a student platform & helping you launch it to students who buy PLUS help you craft a high ticket signature program

  • You need support releasing your money limitations and rewire your wealth mindset not only in your business but around your life overall!

  • You want to grow your new business to 4, 5 or 6 figures in a productive & effective way & your are not available for a cookie cutter plan anymore!

  • You need help setting up your brand presence online, hook up your payment gateway to your CRM so that you can start receiving money today, & integrate your back end systems for productivity & visibility!

  • You want to create a money plan & marketing plan that feels good & allows your to receive greate compensation for your value

If that’s NOT what you’re looking for, we’re NOT the right fit!

Working With Me Means…After

  • You will have more confidence to be YOU & be visible online as you showcase your services

  • You will have more clarity on your personal & business desires & a framework to put it in action

  • You will have the ability to make more income doing what you love “even though it’s part time”

  • You will develop a transformed money & success mindset and own it without apologizing

  • You will have more direction to be high performing, focused and create freedom in your business

  • You will develop a solid marketing plan to remain consistent and steadfast for the next year+

  • You will have more freedom & time to actually live the life you thought your business would give you when you first started!

What My Clients Are Saying

Pamela (2).png

Pamela M Robinson - Motivational Speaker & Marketing Expert

So excited to be working with such a phenomenal individual. Menellia is aligned with everything and her quality of work delivered is soo amazing! I am still in shock! Her mindset is on point, everything is aligned and IT WAS THE PERFECT EXPERIENCE!

Bridgette (1).png

Bridgette Reacco - Reiki Practicioner & Holistic Health Coach

Menellia was phenomenal! She definitely over delivered! During our call, I could feel my overwhelm begin to drift away because she broke down the steps into bite size chunks that I felt I could handle. She helped me get a good idea of what the day to day work looks like in order to create the business that I want in the long run. I really appreciate all of the guidance and support!



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