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I AM NOT YOUR AVERAGE HUSTLE AND BUSTLE BUSINESS STRATEGIST! In fact, my philosophy is that you don’t have to leave your 9-5 unless you REALLY DO to pursue a business, you don’t have to spend all your leisure time working on your business and you CAN go on living your life whilst building from the ground up!

Also, I am a style crazed Francophile & everything I teach or do revolves around lifestyle & embracing you! Working with you means that we can improve your life both Tangibly & Emotionally. You will be able to breath more. You will be able to relax and you will have more joy as you confidently grow your business.

Working with me results in higher level of productivity & performance through streamlined & effective systems and structures that allows you to have more time to enjoy your personal life!

My Unique Sweetspot? Productivity Streamlining, Strategic Growth Planning & HIGH Performance Coaching With A Touch Of Caribbean Fusion & Joie De Vivre. By the time we’re done, you will HAVE MORE ALIGNMENT, CONTROL, CONFIDENCE, STABILITY & FLOW IN YOUR BUSINESS & LIFE so that you are seen as an authority in your industry & build a business that gives you the gift of freedom & prosperity; without the fear nor the burnout! Ready to create an Ivy League Styled business backed by powerful messaging, a first class mindset, elegant living & refined marketing solutions?
Then you’re in the right place!

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We Might Be The Perfect Match IF:

•You’re currently struggling to identify the woman you desire to become in detail form & what makes you unique in your industry "yet repelling actually trying, to find out" because it’s overwhelmingly confusing

•You do not have a system or blueprint that captures your audience for nurturing & delighting because you do not want to feel pushy "or harass people" with emails “darling you’re doing great service remember that”

•Your are struggling to integrate all the back end systems of your business, and you feel like you’re wasting time doing all the research on how to’s

•You are NOT Giving yourself full permission to show up for the success you desire, because do not think that you are good enough to charge or ask for the sale/service, which results in you changing your product and package too often, doubting your skills and gifts, start stop market your service, and compare and resent others who are being amazing at their businesses & in their lives…and p.s. you never get anywhere!

• And as a result of all that you are missing out on living your life because you’re knee deep in continuous busy business work

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Your Desire On The Flip Side:

  • You are craving a sense of security, you’re feeling out of control or chaotic in your business & life

  • You have a dream to flourish your business & looking for someone to help you bring that vision to life

  • You’re lacking strategy and & appreciate that you may need systems to help your business grow

  • You are ready to refine & develop your signature brand essence & message PLUS share that with authenticity

  • You need help developing & designing a value ladder for your business a.k.a a profitable service that actually allows financial freedom.

  • You need support releasing your money limitations and rewire your wealth mindset not only in your business but around your life overall!

  • You are ready for streamlined productively and powerful methodology that allows smarter work & powerful visibility!

  • You want guidance from someone with a 7 year background in administration, sales & marketing, & who has closed 6 figure tenders at a multiple 7 figure corporate consistently, and a successful transformative lifestyle coach

  • You want to build a LEGACY brand & business & you want the luxury of living your life ot the fullest potential “and your business is going to give you that!”

The Bottom Line Is That You WANT

“More joy in your life, more Time for yourself, More Impact & Income from your, & More Freedom!”

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Here’s what Sherlin Said After JUST 2 weeks of working with me…

I haven’t even implemented everything from your program and already getting MASSIVE results! Menellia has the best business suggestions. I gained great clarity on my message and of my client wants and needs.

Sherlin White ~ Period Goddess at


My Darling, You’re A Born Leader
You Deserve To Create Your Version Of Your Success
You Deserve To LIVE The Life You Crave

Where to begin?